Testing Services
Gagri Global IT services play a vital role in testing the customers application to their satisfaction level. We will be involved from the day the project is kicked off. We collect the required documents to understand the application functionality and then we will prepare different documents like SQL plan, Test plan and generate matrix analysis and finally with the postmortem report when the project is closed.
One or more instances of running software that help perform the functions required by or associated with any aspect of Test Management, in such a manner that the Application represents a running instance of its software components.

Often used synonymously or interchangeably with the term System, more accurately implying a Software System and all its related components, as it pertains to a specific domain, topic or problem area that is associated with Test Management.

The application of one or more software solutions that are intended to enable an organization with the capabilities associated with any aspect of Test Management. A repeatable procedure that can be either manual or automated in nature and which exists to exercise the controlled response of a specific Entity or group of Entities, be they human or systematic.

One or more Test Management related Activities, Actions, Tasks or Functions that often do not conform with strict standards and that have evolved, over time, to be considered as conventional wisdom for consistently and repeatedly achieving Outcomes or Results that can be measured as being equal to or above acceptable norms.

The professional discipline that is considered to be part of the greater discipline known as Test Management and that involves working with, in or on any aspect of planning, delivering, operating or supporting for one or more Test Items or any and all solutions put in place to deal with such Items throughout the entire Test Lifecycle.